Elis Montgomery

Short Fiction


"This Grimoire Belongs to Miss Cleo Jackson" 

For a Friend by Lucent Dreaming, TBD

"Exquisite Corpse" 

The Skull & Laurel - Issue 1 by Tenebrous Press, October 2024


"The Proxima Centauri School for Troubled Children" (reprint)

Polar Borealis - Issue 30, May 2024

"When the Woman in the Forest Says “Please, You Must Help”" 

Stupefying Stories, March 2024

"The Proxima Centauri School for Troubled Children" (reprint)

AI, Robot by JayHenge Publishing, February 2024

"Forgetting on Draft" 

Stupefying Stories, January 2024

"How to Win at Cards When You’re Sick of Being Queen" 

Stupefying Stories, January 2024


"Emotional Support Animandroid Special Considerations by Model Number" 

Strange Machines: An Anthology of Dark User Manuals by Apex Books, October 2023

"Need Brains" 

Stupefying Stories, October 2023

"An Institution" 

Shoreline of Infinity - Issue 36: The Climate Change Issue, September 2023

"The Moments Between" 

Stupefying Stories, September 2023

"The Proxima Centauri School for Troubled Children" 

Dread Space Vol. 2 by Shacklebound Books, May 2023

"In Her Wake" 

Apparition Lit, April 2023



"The Sovereign"

Small Wonders - Issue 12, June 2024

"The Censors"

Radon Journal - Issue 7, May 2024

"weird shrimp from canada"

Star*Line - Issue 47.1, January 2024


"The Dome"

Haven Spec - Issue 12, December 2023

"The Adar Llwch Gwin or the Egg"

Heartlines Spec - Issue 3, November 2023

"A Traditional Custom in at Least Five Human Countries"

Utopia Science Fiction - Vol. V Issue 02, October 2023

"Pack Up Your Sins and Go to the Devil" 

Playlist of the Damned by Weird Little Worlds, October 2023 (early Kickstarter release; available everywhere June 2024)

"the thing that leaps" 

Apparition Lit - Issue 23: Creature, July 2023

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